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Time for the hunted to become the hunter. There’s a wide assortment of tools at your disposal.

Short range

Sometimes the old ways are best. Nothing beats a rolled newspaper. Those of you with digital subscriptions can use your iPads (kidding). Just remember that mosquitoes take off by jumping backwards, so always aim a little behind where they are.

Long range   

British engineering meets American ingenuity.

Julie Zuckerberg Dyson 1 

What was once a way to pick up dirt becomes a mosquito-slurping machine. Use the telescoping wand to reach up to the ceiling and the crevice tool for pinpoint accuracy around light fixtures.

Julie Zuckerberg Dyson 2

Vacuum them up, dump them in the toilet, and away go your troubles down the drain.

The nuclear option

Sometimes you need to bring out the big guns.

Feast your eyes on The Executioner.

Julie Zuckerberg Racket
*Swing* *Smack* *Zap*

No skeeter will survive.

Have a partner or roommate with time to kill?

Put some new batteries into the racket, give them a pair of Stan Smiths, and they’ll entertain themselves for hours out on the terrace. They will either solve your pest problem or throw their back out, whichever comes first.

(Prediction: it’ll be the back, definitely the back.)

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