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When you love something – the way I love good food and great recipes – then you want to tell it to the world. And while I also love to do the talking on my blog, I sometimes like to listen to others. This is where podcasts come in, and luckily for us there’s a smorgasbord of options to choose from.

What’s Your Flavor?

There are so many foodie podcasts out there, you couldn’t possibly listen to them all. How then can you tell the four-course feasts from the frozen TV dinners?

Never fear – I am here to help.

The first step to choosing the right podcast is to understand your preferences.

Do you want practical advice that you could use in your own kitchen?

Want to see the adventurous side is cooking and eating?

What about the history of your favorite food?

Do a little soul-searching. Define your flavor. Then once you find your niche – dive in.

Here are some of the best in the game to get you started.

A Taste of the Past

For those of you who like to delve into the history of food, A Taste of the Past may just be your next pod of choice. It’s developed a large following and it’s fascinating stories are always full of fun little chestnuts about the products we don’t think about all that much.

Take it from Anna Goldfarb, “Linda Pelaccio is a culinary historian and her podcast is a must for history buffs who love exploring the link between foods of yesterday and today. From the evolution of industrialized meat to Roman food culture, her backlog of nearly 300 episodes covers a lot of ground.

Burnt Toast

If you like quirky occasionally heated discussions, then you will enjoy listening to the co-founders of Food52 debate favorite foods, gadgets, and the right-way to eat. They also enlist their fancy food friends as guest stars on the show to add a little extra spice.

*Side note: If you haven’t seen their website, Food52, that is a great example of a certified fresh foodie blog.


Sometimes you need comforting and sometimes you need to hear about comfort food. Gravy might just be your new fix for all things southern and scrumptious.

As Lauren Paul says, “This podcast explores all the complicated stereotypes, unique agriculture, and unsung heroes of the American South through the lens of its delicious, delicious food.

America’s Test Kitchen

These guys literally want to take on the risk of perfecting a recipe for you. Listen to them first and discover all the pitfalls before you put you “try something new” on your poor family.

For my friends who like to get nerdy about food, look no further. This podcast understands the art (and science) of cooking and they convey it in a fun way that will help you to master it too.

Check, Please

I’ve only just scratched the surface with this list. One of these podcasts may become your next obsession, or you may want to go out and find something with a different flavor. Either way, it’s time to stop reading to start listening – go forth and find the right foodie podcast for you!

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