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Julie Zuckerberg

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About Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a recruiting manager with 15+ years of professional experience. She’s also a home chef, a gardener, and a photography enthusiast. She created this blog to explore these facets of her lifestyle, sharing creative inspiration, projects, and more.

As someone who has lived in Manhattan for 20+ years, Julie is fortunate enough to be able to explore cuisines of all kinds, visiting everything from well-known restaurants to small mom-and-pop shops. When she’s not checking out all of the food hubs that the city has to offer, she’s whipping up dishes on her own. Julie cooks a lot of fish, pasta, and soups, and she especially enjoys trying out Crockpot recipes in the winter. She is now getting into baking as well.

Julie uses fresh, healthy, and locally sourced ingredients whenever she can. Sometimes this means making smart purchases from the right vendors in the greater New York City area. She sees open air markets and urban garden’s as one of NYC’s greatest assets. The prices and the product go unmatched for Julie against most other grocers and distributors.

Other times, finding the freshest ingredients means that she grows them herself! An avid home gardener, she has grown plenty of fruits, vegetables, and herbs over the years. She also likes to tend to plants and flowers. Julie fondly remembers eating food from her family’s garden in Brooklyn when she was growing up, and she is glad to carry on the tradition in her own way. Julie’s ecstatic to now be able to move her limited gardening space to the outdoors now that she has a terrace gardening area in her new home, a true rarity for New York. This Spring she’s excited to try new plants and highlight them on her site. 

Julie’s home garden is naturally one of her favorite things to photograph, but she enjoys capturing slice-of-life moments in the city as well. She also makes sure to keep her camera on her whenever she travels; be it a local attraction, a city skyline, or simply a beautiful sunset, she never wants to miss an opportunity to preserve a memory.

In addition to these hobbies, one of Julie Zuckerberg’s biggest personal passions is fitness. She is an avid runner, both in marathons and on her own time. She is interested in the evolving world of exercise gear, especially in the wake of wearable fitness tech, and she enjoys sharing tips and news about it. Julie considers exercise a crucial part of her life, and she hopes to help others find the same benefits from it as she does.

On this blog, Julie will share some of her favorite recipes, gardening projects, and more. She will post plenty of photos as well. To learn more about Julie, check out her fitness blog or her professional site, where she delves into her areas of expertise within recruiting and talent acquisition.

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